The Best Way to Run Ads on Instagram

Dash Hudson’s ad boosting platform is built for Instagram. It’s simple, and built to create killer ROI. Now, run ads behind high performing photos and videos that you know people will care about.

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Instagram ads run on Dash Hudson

Predict Performance

No more guessing. We show you which content is driving engagement and organic reach, helping you predict what will convert best.

Run Beautiful Ads

We make running Instagram ads a simple experience focused on combining your creative acumen with data.

Create Ads People Love

Every moment counts. In a world filled with noise - capture attention and engage new customers.

Uncover Your Best Photos and Videos

You want to create compelling Instagram ads. Dash Hudson gives you the tools to discover, create, and predict which photos and videos will do best.

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An example of Instagram advertising

Boost in Real-Time

Things move pretty fast. Boost your best photos and videos, in the moment, as they perform. Capture the attention of new audiences during key moments.

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How to create Instagram ads

Breathlessly Easy Reporting

Just say no to ugly spreadsheets, and see all of your ad performance in a finely wrapped package. Take the long way to work, because we get you ready for the boardroom.

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Graphs of social media metrics