Instagram Insights

With Dash Hudson’s Instagram analytics, you get insight into account growth, post performance, and interactions with followers and influencers - all in one platform. Instagram analytics made sexy. There, we said it.

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Instagram insights and analytics shown in the marketing software.

Focus on people

People are what matter on the ‘Gram. We cut out the noise and bring you data on your most influential brand fans.

Beautiful and simple

The best data in the industry combined with the most badass design makes our user experience pure bliss.

Zero effort reporting

Get perfectly presented weekly and monthly reports straight to your inbox. With just one click, you’re ready.

Follower Analytics

You want to know how your following is growing over time. We go beyond what other analytics tools offer and bring you insights on which cool kids are following you, and what is driving your growth. This is the new school.

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Instagram followers discovered in Dash Hudson


Growing your following is one thing, building an engaged community is another. See how many likes and comments you are getting, and use insights to improve your interactions with fans. See how campaigns and promotions impact the love you get. Because you get what you put in.

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A graph of Instagram likes

Reach More Than Just Your Followers

For the first time ever (dramatic drumroll) you can see the most beautiful content your brand has been photo tagged or comment mentioned in. Never miss a killer influencer post again, and understand your reach over time.

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Brands love organic reach