Give them more of what they love. Dash Hudson’s Boards unlocks the power to segment your content to reveal what’s working and what’s not. Deliver the goods to take your engagement to new heights.

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Content performance measurement on Dash Hudson

Custom Categories

Easily segment any group of photos and videos you want to measure. Customizing the content keeps you in control.

Reporting Made Easy

Let us do the heavy lifting. You choose the content—we automatically surface the results.

Data That Speaks

Discover what resonates with your audience to fine tune your content strategy and drive engagement.

Content Segmentation

Slice and dice your owned and earned content any way you like. Compare the engagement of your content pillars or measure the reach of that influencer activation in a flash.

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Athleisure and car brands on Instagram

Performance Measurement

Dash Hudson delivers the metrics you need for decision making and reporting. Easily downloadable data so you can ditch your calculator.

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Social media marketing performance measurement graphs

Strategic Insights

Identify patterns and affinities in your content to streamline your strategy with laser focus. Your audience (and engagement) will thank you.

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Depiction of how to identify patterns in content to improve marketing strategy